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Let's take a deeper dive...

Want to dial into a specific topic? Want to learn a certain skill, or expand your knowledge on WHAT, why, or HOW to do something as a runner?

MASTERCLASSES are single-topic deep dives into expanding your knowledge so you can answer the questions you've been asking yourself!

The FOUNDATIONS SERIES will teach you the fundamentals of how and why we train as endurance runners (whether your goal is your first 5k or to qualify for the Olympics... the FOUNDATIONS are the same!)

WEBINARS are recordings from previous live events



Understanding THE FOUNDATIONS of what you're doing and why you're doing it is an essential next step in your journey as an endurance runner! Not only will understanding the foundations help you become more confident in your running, but also help you become more intentional about how you approach and execute your training so you can make good decisions! Whether your goal is your first 5k or chasing an OTQ standard, THE FOUNDATIONS remain the same!

Coach Elisabeth takes you through fundamental concepts in endurance running including...

  • HOW does the "fitness gaining" process work? (Progressive Overload, Training Adaptations, & Training Cycles)

  • WHAT IS HAPPENING when you're running in different intensity zones and WHY should you care? (Energy Systems, Training Zones, and Training Intensity)

  • WHY is Easy Running such an important part of your training, and WHAT do you need to know to do it properly? (Easy Running, Explained)

This only course contains a 3-part video series from Coach Elisabeth with downloadable slides!

Race Prep Webinars

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