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Masterclass: Conquering Hilly Races

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About This Masterclass

Learn what you need to know to CONQUER your next hilly race! For athletes running hilly road races (from the 5k to the marathon) this masterclass is a BUNDLE OF HILL KNOWLEDGE for everything you need to know to understand how to train for, and successfully race, your hilly race! Coach Elisabeth runs you through... The physiology of running uphill & downhill How our form & biomechanics change on hills How to effectively run uphill & downhill How much uphills slow you down and how much downhills speed you up Grade Adjusted Pace calculations and guidelines HOW to add hills in your training Analyzing your course profile Strength training for runners 101 3 DIFFERENT 2x-per-week SPECIFIC STRENGTH TRAINING WORKOUTS YOU CAN USE to train for your hilly race (2x/week versions of bodyweight, weighted, and downhill-focused weighted workouts) How to set up a PACING STRATEGY for your hilly race ...and more! INCLUDES... 4-part video series from Coach Elisabeth with presentation slides Full slide deck with linked resources Strength Training workouts (3 options to choose from!)


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