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Training Plans

Training plans for a variety of distances and goals at multiple levels! For beginners to experienced runners, these downloadable plans from Coach Elisabeth are based on the science of endurance performance & what research is telling us works most effectively. Set your next PR with a Running Explained training plan!

All Plans include...

  • Training Plan with 3 versions: miles, kilometers, & time-based programs

  • 4-week Recovery Schedule (for race-specific plans)

  • Info on basic hydration & fueling

  • Basic warm-ups, cooldowns, lower body & core strength routines

  • Access to the PRIVATE Running Explained community on Facebook

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More Training Options!

Looking for a Custom Training Plan?

Looking for a training plan + education + consult with Coach Elisabeth?

Looking for customized training & ongoing coaching feedback + support?


What Runners Say

"Since discovering Running Explained, I have fallen back in love with running. I had been doing the “keep trying to run faster” approach and was constantly battling with myself and getting sore and exhausted. Getting used to running easy was weird to get my head round at first, but I love it. I am actually looking forward to my runs again."