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Group Coaching

You're ready for MORE: more education, more knowledge, more accountability, more community, more support.​

Group Coaching is here to help you train for your next marathon or half marathon! Comprised of three main elements - biweekly 1-hour group coaching calls, community support, and self-paced education - Group Coaching is here to help you learn more about running, racing, and yourself as a runner!

Group Coaching enrollment is ONGOING; simply register and join the group on the timeline YOU need for YOUR race!



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What you get with Group Coaching:

Register for the Group of your choice (half marathon or marathon). You will receive a link to download your included training plan of choice from the website.

Access to the private Group on the website and the group coaching Course materials will open on the Start Date you chose when registering for the group (5 months of access for Marathon, 4 months of access for Half Marathon). Please note that if you join Group Coaching with a FUTURE Start Date, your first payment will occur on the day you register while all subsequent monthly payments will take place on the schedule of your group participation. 

Join the biweekly 1-HOUR coaching calls WITH COACH ELISABETH and bring your questions!


In between calls, follow your training plan & learn from the 13 individual educational modules in the Course materials and learn all about...

➥Easy Running & Building Aerobic Fitness

(What IS easy running? Why is it important? How do you find YOUR easy effort zone??)

➥Progressive Overload: How You Build Fitness

(aka WHY training plans are written the way they are!)

➥Run Fueling 101

(pre-, during-, & post-run fueling guidelines & understanding the Athlete's Plate)

➥The Long Run

(what it does, why we do it, and how to execute it according to your training goals!)

➥Energy Systems, Lactate Threshold & VO2max

(the sciency stuff: WHAT IS HAPPENING inside our bodies at these different training intensities and what it means for your training specifically)

➥Goal Setting for Your Race

(setting the most effective set of race day goals for your upcoming race!)

➥Pacing Strategies for Your Race

(how to pace your race like a pro based on YOUR goals)

➥The Taper

(how and why we taper, plus what to expect!)


(boost your race day performance by strategically carb-loading pre-race)

➥Creating Your Race Day Plan

(going through your race day plan from start to finish)

➥Post-Race Recovery

(the science of post-race recovery & why recovery is an important training phase!)

➥Analyzing Race Day Performance/Assessing Training Your Cycle

(learning lessons you can carry forward!)

You will have LIFETIME access to the course materials, and the training plan is yours to keep forever!

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
Group Coaching Testimonials

These groups are seriously such a good investment.
I'm known for being pretty frugal and the half group is the best thing I've paid for in years.

I did it! I ran a marathon!! Thank you so much Elisabeth for all your amazing coaching- this isn’t something I thought I could ever do, even a year ago! Thanks also to everyone in this group, I learned so much from all your excellent questions in the group calls.

Thank you Coach for all of your guidance and help this training block! I didn’t have a great start to my training, hit a few mental road blocks along the way, and the wind on race day was wicked… but walked away with a new 10 minute PR! 

Huge thanks to Coach Elisabeth for the knowledge and confidence and patient answers to all of my questions, and to the group for your thoughts and insights. I felt mentally and physically READY for this challenge and still can't believe I am now a marathoner! 

I DID IT! Honestly so emotional. So sore, but so f’ing proud of myself. I think that went about as well as a first marathon possibly could. Beautiful day, incredible support from the crowds and my family. 
-Finished a marathon with a smile on my face!! I’m a MARATHONER! 
-Negative split the second half
-ZERO GI distress !!
-BQ 🦄💙💛🦄
Each of these feels like such a huge victory. Thank you so much Coach Elisabeth. I’m so so grateful for helping me make this happen.

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