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Pace Calculator


This calculator will help you estimate the general pace ranges you should be running based on your current fitness, and will help you calculate your paces for an upcoming goal race!

PLEASE NOTE: This calculator is NOT a guarantee; it's intended to provide reasonable "guesstimates"! Additionally, the marathon "equivalent" is on the aggressive side; use the FiveThirtyEight Marathon Calculator for a more realistic guesstimate based on multiple factors and inputs.

NEED HELP WITH GOAL-SETTING? Get the Goal Setting Masterclass to understand how to set realistic yet challenging race goals, what paces to target, how to set up a range of race day goals, and develop a race pacing strategy!


This calculator will give you lots of information, and most users only need to focus on your PACE PER MILE (unless you're metric, in which case focus on the PACE PER KILOMETER)

To calculate your training paces...

Enter a recent race result or the result from a virtual race or a time trial where you really "gave it your all". Select the distance you ran and the total time it took you, and Calculate! 

In the Training tab, you will see the following: 

  • Easy Pace

  • Marathon Pace aka Aerobic Pace

  • Threshold aka Lactate Threshold aka Tempo Pace

  • Interval aka VO2Max

  • Repetition aka Mile Pace

To learn more about what these paces mean, read Running Paces, Explained!

These paces are just an ESTIMATE and don't be afraid to go slower if you need to, especially with your EASY PACE!

To calculate a goal race pace...

Enter the length of the race and your goal time, and Calculate!

In the Race Paces tab, you will see the following:

  • The total race time

  • The pace per mile

  • The pace per 1k

  • The pace per 800m (0.5 mi)

  • The pace per 400m (0.25 mi)

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