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1:1 Run Coaching

You're a unique runner with unique goals and a busy life! It's time for truly personalized training that helps you train smart, train well, and go after those goals you've only ever dreamed of.

Wherever you are in your running journey, get to the next level with 1-on-1 coaching and make a commitment to yourself and your true potential! Submit your information and let's see if we're a good fit!

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Intro meeting with history, evaluation, & goal setting

Customized, adaptive running & strength training plan delivered via FinalSurge

Weekly training feedback

Unlimited email & text communication

Pre-race planning & strategy meeting

Post-race debrief meeting

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Intro meeting with history, evaluation, & goal setting

Customized, adaptive running & strength training plan delivered by FinalSurge

Weekly training feedback

Coaching calls scheduled based on client needs

Unlimited texting & email communication

Pre-race planning & strategy meeting


Post-race debrief meeting

Access to exclusive content & discounts

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Elisabeth Scott


Elisabeth started Running Explained with the mission to help runners of all experiences and abilities become students of the sport and understand the how, what, and why of running! Although active in sports growing up (including swimming, cross-country, and downhill skiing), running just to run was never on her mind! After a long stretch of inactivity through college and her late twenties, Elisabeth picked up running at the age of 29 and set the goal of running a local 5k... just to "get in shape!" Within 6 months, she had run a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon, finishing her first half in 1:56 and her first full in 4:05 (which at the time was devasting... and in retrospect is something she is eminently proud of). This "crash course" in running (including learning a lot about what not to do) fueled the inspiration for the work she does today. She has since run 4 marathons, multiple 5k, 10k, and half  marathon races, and her current PRs include a 20:07 5k, 1:36 half marathon, and 3:33 marathon (BQ).

In the past 5 years, her love of the sport has only grown, and she currently holds running certifications from RRCA, USATF, and UESCA, has coached dozens of runners 1:1, and helped thousands of runners achieve their goals with training plans and guidance!


Elisabeth's training philosophy emphasizes the importance of developing a strong aerobic capacity, creating training habits that encourage consistency, whole-athlete development (including advising on strength training, mobility, nutrition, hydration, and managing life stress), and helping runners enjoy what they're doing and making running fit into their life... not the other way around! She works with runners who have goals ranging from "become a better runner and quit the cycle of training burnout", to running a first half or full marathon, to running a specific goal time in races of all distances from the  5k through the marathon distance and multi-race weekends.

Elisabeth intentionally limits her client roster to provide her athletes with individualized attention along with balancing the needs of the growing business.

Elisabeth currently lives in central Connecticut with her husband and three dogs. When not immersed in running things, she enjoys going down Wikipedia rabbit holes, traveling, and renovating her house one room at a time.

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Andrew Cantor


Andrew started running his freshman year of high school when he joined the cross country team because he had friends who signed up, but immediately fell in love with the team environment and the support he received from his coaches and teammates while also seeing improvement. To this day, one of the many things Andrew loves about running is chasing a tangible goal.


Andrew competed at Salisbury University for two years before deciding to take a break due to injury and burnout. In 2014, he committed to running a full marathon, with the goal of qualifying for Boston. Although he ran 3:09 and missed his goal by four minutes, Andrew used that race as a learning experience and since then has completed nine marathons, one ultramarathon, and lowered his Personal Best time to 2:44:42 at the New York City Marathon (2019). Andrew’s other notable personal best times include a 16:37 5K and a 56:35 10-mile, both of which occurred in the midst of marathon buildups.


Andrew’s coaching philosophy revolves around becoming a better overall runner, no matter your goal race distance. He understands that having a large aerobic engine is vital to success at longer distances but also believes that incorporating some leg speed into marathon training. He also believes that building a strong aerobic base is crucial to running fast times at shorter distances. While this methodology is, an effective way to maximize performance, MORE IMPORTANTLY, it is fun and helps build confidence in the athlete. Athletes run their best when they are enjoying the process and believe in themselves! Andrew’s goal as a coach is to not just help runners achieve their goals but to connect with them, support them and invest in their journey.


Although a Baltimorean at heart, Andrew currently resides in Washington DC. He is a commercial banker who is passionate about helping support small and local businesses. Andrew has a Degree in Business as well as an MBA from Salisbury University. Outside of running and work, Andrew is a sports fanatic (Go Orioles, Go Ravens!). He enjoys podcasts, reading (always looking for recommendations), searching for the best local beers, and spending quality time with friends and family.

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Elisabeth’s coaching changed my life. She helped me unlock a new love for racing and running in general. I had ran 2 marathons previously without a coach. I remember dreading those long runs and even skipping workouts out of stress, anxiety, and running too hard! I completed an 18 week(+) training cycle  with her coaching without injury and without fearing my long runs and actually looking forward to them and even enjoying them! Together we worked through a schedule and training load that easily fit my busy life with a husband, 2 kids, a job, pets and lots of summer travel. I felt that she was equally as invested in my success as I was. I completed my marathon with a 53 min PR and a huge smile on my face from truly enjoying every second of it.  She helped me believe in something that I didn’t fully see and I wasn’t sure was possible for myself and helped me achieve it. - JD

If I could sum up my experience working with Coach Elisabeth over the past few months it would be, “Easy running works!” Trust the process, trust the plan, and you will see great things! What I also love about Running Explained is that the WHOLE runner matters. It is not just about completing ONE race or ONE training cycle, but rather coaching and encouraging lifelong runners. Elisabeth is dedicated to guiding and supporting athletes with a view of their total lifestyle and circumstances. From educating athletes via social media and her podcast, to her training plans and private coaching, Coach Elisabeth is an incredibly valuable voice in the world of running, and I am grateful to have her in my corner. - CG

In 2020 I had no intentions of ever running more than a 10k. I had come off an injury and never felt like I was an athlete, but COVID changed everything and I picked up running as a serious hobby to deal with the stress of raising my two young children amidst a pandemic. In late 2020 Elisabeth coached me for my first half marathon, a dream come true. I never thought I would have time to figure out the small stuff, let alone run as much as was necessary to train properly for a race of this measure. Elisabeth made sure to coach the whole runner, not just the runs. She  even tailored runs to limit time away from my kids. Most importantly though, I knew I had someone who believed I could do it and do it well. Elisabeth didn't just coach me so I could finish, she coached me so I could finish strong. Her decisions are made with her vast scientific knowledge of and passion for the sport. She's positively brilliant and so easy to talk to, I can ask her anything! I know I'm going to slay this first marathon just like the halfs before it because I have her in my corner. - AS