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Your Best Chicago Marathon!

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About This Masterclass

The Chicago Marathon is on the horizon and it's time to start preparing your race day plan! Coach Elisabeth walks you through the Chicago Marathon race day experience in this 1:45 hour webinar with tips & tricks for running your best Chicago including... Navigating the expo: what to expect! Race morning logistics: getting to the start line, what you can & cannot bring, corral assignments, and more Course preview: a mile-by-mile breakdown of the Chicago Marathon course including where GPS sucks the most, how the aid stations are set up, where the best spectating spots are, and more Pacing & adjustments: go over the basics of how to set up a negative pacing strategy including making sure you don't go out too fast, and how to make adjustments to your plan if race day weather turns hot and/or humid Post-race: finding your people, what to do after the race, and more! INCLUDES Q&A SECTION FROM LIVE WEBINAR RECORDING! This course includes: Webinar recording (1hr45 min) PDF slides PDF course maps Pace adjustment calculator Pace setting calculator Sweat rate test guidelines



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