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From Start to Finish: Master the Art + Science of Race Goals and Strategy!

About This Masterclass

HOW do you set realistic goals for your upcoming race? How do you know what pace to target? How do you set a range of pace goals to set you up for success on race day? How do you develop a pacing strategy using those race goals? Coach Elisabeth walks you through how to GOAL SET AND STRATEGIZE for your race! Learn all about... Goal setting 101 Finish time goals vs. Pace goals Equivalency calculators & how to use them Training paces charts & training to "current fitness" Goal setting for 5k through half marathon Goal setting for marathon Pacing strategies based on your goal(s) ...and more! INCLUDES... 70 minute video from Coach Elisabeth with presentation slides (available to download as PDF) Equivalency calculators Goal Setting Worksheet with Pacing Strategy Calculator


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