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Masterclass: Periodization & Planning

About This Masterclass

In this masterclass, you will learn the basics of training periodization in order to effectively plan out your training year with multiple training cycles! YOU WILL LEARN: -What IS periodization? -About macrocycles, mesocycles, and microcycles -About progressive overload, linear periodization, and reverse periodization -About base, race. and recovery-focused training cycles -Basic recommendations how long an individual training cycle should be, including the length of base, race, and post-race recovery (transition) training cycles -How to plan out your training year using multiple training cycles based on your specific racing schedule INCLUDES: 1-Hour Video with Coach Elisabeth PDF Slides to download Excel workbook for scheduling plus 2 example schedules (2 marathons in 12 months, and 3 half marathons in 9 months including two races 5 weeks apart) -- This class does not focus on intracycle periodization and you will not learn how to plan individual training phases or write individual training programs; this class focuses on the broad purposes of different training macrocycles in order to effectively map out up to 24 months of training at a time, but not the details on what exactly to do or how to specifically write individual training plans within those blocks of training.


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