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Let's build some SPEED! Is your aerobic base rock solid but you've been neglecting speed? Have you spent multiple cycles doing long-distance training and racing and want to put some speed back into your life? This training plan is for runners who want to focus on building their speed in a dedicated training cycle outside of training for a specific race.


For runners currently comfortable between 30-35 miles per week/48-56 km/5hr00 per week, this 12-week training plan has the hills, VO2max, lactate threshold, and track-style workouts you need to hone your speed skills ahead of your next race-specific training cycle! 


This plan starts at 30 miles/48 km/5hr00 per week in 5 runs per week with a 9 mile/15km long run, and builds to a peak weekly volume of 35 miles/56 km/6hr00. The focus of this plan is not on building volume, but on building and managing intensity. This plan contains speedwork, threshold runs, hill work, and strides along with easy effort running, following a traditional 80/20 split of easy vs non-easy training intensity distribution.


This plan also contains recommended warm-up & cooldown routines, core exercises and lower body strength training exercises, information on setting paces, hydration, fueling, and more!


This plan contains 3 VERSIONS of the 12-week schedule: miles, kilometers, and time-based. 


This plan is a downloadable PDF and is nonrefundable.



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