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Ready to go THE DISTANCE? This is a 28-week plan designed to take you all the way to the marathon, building your endurance (& your confidence as you work on building up your volume safely), focusing easy effort running, and racing optional 5, 10k, and half marathon distances along the way!


This plan also contains a 4-week post-race recovery schedule, a Race Day planner worksheet, recommended warm-up & cooldown routines, core exercises and lower body strength training exercises, information on goal setting/pace calculators, hydration, fueling, and more!


This plan focuses purely on DISTANCE-BUILDING with an emphasis on EASY effort running or run-walk. In order to be successful with this plan, it's recommended you already be able to complete 3 miles/5km continuously at any pace and be consistently running at least 2x per week. 


This plan starts with 3 runs per week and 1-2 days of cross-training and builds to 4 runs per week and 1 day of cross-training. The beginning weekly volume is 7 miles/11km/1hr30 per week and peaks at 35 miles/57 km per week/6hr30-7hr00.


This plan contains 3 VERSIONS of the 28-week schedule: miles, kilometers, and time-based.


This plan is a downloadable PDF and is nonrefundable.

Level 0 "Go the Distance" 28-Week Marathon Plan


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