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This training plan is for runners who can complete a 10k but are ready to train for a FASTER 10k! For runners currently comfortable between 15-20 miles per week/24-32 km per week, this 12-week training plan focuses on your aerobic development AND speed to improve your 10k race time!


This plan starts at 4 runs per week, with a 6 mile/10k long run and a total Week 1 volume of 17 miles/27 km and builds to 5 runs per week, with a peak long run of 9 miles/15 km and a total peak weekly volume of 27 miles/44 km. This plan contains race-specific speedwork, hill work, and strides along with easy effort running.


This plan also contains a 4-week post-race recovery schedule, a Race Day planner worksheet, recommended warm-up & cooldown routines, core exercises and lower body strength training exercises, information on goal setting/pace calculators, hydration, fueling, and more!


This plan contains 3 VERSIONS of the 12-week schedule: miles, kilometers, and time-based


This plan is a downloadable PDF and is nonrefundable.

Level 1: 12-Week 10k Plan


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