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Building Mental Toughness

Sometimes we feel like quitting in the very first quarter mile, or we never even get out the door.

When you start bargaining with yourself from the very first step, it's time to flex your willpower muscle & SHUT YOUR BRAIN UP or you're gonna have a really miserable (and possibly very short) run.⁠⁣


Willpower, aka mental toughness, can feel like it's in short supply sometimes. How many of us have bailed on a run because the urge to STOP felt overwhelming, or we couldn't find the motivation to get out the door? How many of us have gotten angry or felt dejected when this happened?⁠⁣


Lack of willpower is NOT A MORAL FAILING - it's when you don't have the skills to exercise your mental toughness when you want to. ⁠⁣




1️⃣ Think small⁠⁣

Break your tasks into little chunks instead of thinking about the whole big thing. Have a 10 mile run but feel like quitting at mile 2? Just get to mile 3. Then work on mile 4. After that, mile 5... and you're halfway done! Suddenly it feels a lot more manageable.⁠⁣


2️⃣ Remove obstacles⁠⁣

If you have trouble getting out of bed for an early morning run, get everything set the night before: clothes & shoes close by, coffee maker on a timer, everything charged & ready to go. Remove as many impediments (*cough* excuses) as you can between you & the thing you want to do.⁠⁣


3️⃣ Make it mandatory, not optional⁠⁣

Don't think of your running as optional; if you give yourself a choice, you might find yourself choosing the couch instead. Schedule runs or gym sessions on your calendar like you would any other appointment.


Soon, you'll find yourself making choices you WANT to make without all the effort it used to take!⁣ 💪


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