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What if you had all the resources & education you needed to confidently train for your next half marathon or marathon?

What if you had explanations of WHAT to do, WHY to do it, and HOW to do it, including...

-Nailing your easy runs

-Crushing your long runs

-Confidently fueling & hydrating

-Setting up your race day goals & pacing strategy

-and more?

The Training+PLUS Programs are for the self-directed runner who wants to take charge of their own learning, explore different training concepts at their own pace, and become a more self-sufficient runner while also training for either a half marathon or marathon!

You enjoy diving into both the what and the WHY behind concepts that you can then apply to your own training and racing!

What's Included?

TrainingPLUS is the whole package

  • Training Plan (choose any available training plan!)

  • 45-minute private Coaching Consult with Coach Elisabeth (Gold program)

  • 13-race specific educational modules including... Easy Running, Long Runs, Lactate Threshold & VO2max, Fueling 101, Carb Loading, Goal Setting, The Taper, Post-Race Recovery and more!


    • Understanding & Training by Heart Rate​

    • Conquering Hilly Races (includes strength training!)

    • Goal Setting for Races

    • Periodization & Planning


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    No plans available

    Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

    No plans available

    Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

    What you get with TrainingPLUS:

    Register for the TrainingPLUS program of your choice (half marathon or marathon). You will receive a link to download your included training plan of choice from the website!

    Follow your training plan & access the TrainingPLUS course materials to learn about...

    ➥Easy Running & Building Aerobic Fitness

    (What IS easy running? Why is it important? How do you find YOUR easy effort zone??)

    ➥Progressive Overload: How You Build Fitness

    (aka WHY training plans are written the way they are!)

    ➥Run Fueling 101

    (pre-, during-, & post-run fueling guidelines & understanding the Athlete's Plate)

    ➥The Long Run

    (what it does, why we do it, and how to execute it according to your training goals!)

    ➥Energy Systems, Lactate Threshold & VO2max

    (the sciency stuff: WHAT IS HAPPENING inside our bodies at these different training intensities and what it means for your training specifically)

    ➥Goal Setting for Your Race

    (setting the most effective set of race day goals for your upcoming race!)

    ➥Pacing Strategies for Your Race

    (how to pace your race like a pro based on YOUR goals)

    ➥The Taper

    (how and why we taper, plus what to expect!)


    (boost your race day performance by strategically carb-loading pre-race)

    ➥Creating Your Race Day Plan

    (going through your race day plan from start to finish)

    ➥Post-Race Recovery

    (the science of post-race recovery & why recovery is an important training phase!)

    ➥Analyzing Race Day Performance/Assessing Training Your Cycle

    (learning lessons you can carry forward!)

    You will have LIFETIME access to the course materials, and the training plan is yours to keep forever!

    TrainingPLUS FAQs

    What if I've already purchased my training plan?

    You can redeem your included plan using your unique promo code sent after enrollment for any of the available pre-written plans on the website!


    How long will I have access to the plan and materials?

    The plan is a PDF download and yours forever; you will have a minimum of 36 months of access to the educational website content included in TrainingPlus.


    How do I schedule my coaching calls included with TrainingPlus?

    From the Coaching Consult page on, select the call length included in your TrainingPlus package and schedule a call at your convenience. At check-out, you can choose to use the included call credit(s) as a "payment"!

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