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Ready to build your weekly mileage? Not sure what to do in between training for other races? It's time for BASE-BUILDING! This plan will build your weekly mileage from 15 miles (24 km/2hr30) to 30 miles (48 km/5hr00) over a 16-week period and get you comfortable at this new, higher volume so you can transition to a higher volume race-specific training plan!


This plan begins with 4 runs per week, building to 5 runs per week. The emphasis of this plan is on aerobic development and easy effort running, but this plan also contains some intensity in the form of strides, hill sprints, and surges/pickups.


This plan contains 3 VERSIONS of the 16-week schedule: miles, kilometers, and time-based. 


This plan is a downloadable PDF and is nonrefundable.

Base-Building: 15 to 30 miles per week (24-48 km)


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