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Which Training Plan is Right for YOU?

Listen to the newest episode of The Running Explained Podcast!

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Welcome to The Run Club!

The Run Club is a subscription- based app that gives you the freedom to build your own training schedule using Running Explained training plans - including training for races, building your base, post-race recovery, running for fitness, and more - and also layer on running-specific strength training that matches your goals!

1 MONTH FREE for any 6- or 12-month subscription!*

+ FREE Masterclass of your choice with any paid subscription!

Code: thankyoumonth to save $29 on The Run Club 6-& 12-month plans

Code: thankyouplus to save $49 on The Run Club 6-& 12-month plans

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6-month plans are billed every 6 months; 12-month plans are billed every 12 months.

*Discounts not automatically applied; must use coupon code at check-out. 

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Training Plans

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