About Elisabeth 
& Running Explained

When I was 29, I became a beginning runner who went from completely sedentary to running a 4:05 marathon in 6 months - a TOTAL CRASH COURSE in running! I learned a lot along the way and made some rookie mistakes too.

As a new runner, what I needed most were answers to the questions that all beginners have, like "how fast should I be running?", "is this [insert thing here] normal?", and "how can I run farther and faster without getting hurt or feeling like garbage?" And honestly, I was too embarrassed to ask these questions from runners who seemed so much more advanced than me - even though most runners are very friendly people!

Now that I've fallen in love with the science of running, I'm on a mission to turn everyone into educated, smarter, FASTER runners. Whether you're brand new or have been running for decades, there's always more to learn so we can become better runners!

UESCA Certified Running Coach
USATF Level 1 Certified Running Coach
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